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    As a distributor/wholesaler with a seasoned team of professionals working for you, we don’t just store and transport your products like many of our competitors do. We also provide extensive value added inputs to our customers so that they are able to deliver the best consumer experience to their clients.

    We are able to match which beverages are suitable for which organization / function, for instance:

  • less sweet beverages for schools
  • energy-boosting drinks in and around gyms and sports arenas
  • drinks with extra health values at hospital and senior/retirement homes
  • non-carbonated beverages in buildings with professional offices

    • We have developed a detailed routing process that can get your products shipped in the shortest possible time to their destination

      We work with our customers, suppliers and other service providers across the value-chain to ensure our clients receive competitive rates on other products/services (cartoons, packing materials etc)

      So why us? Because at McFine, we’ve established one of the largest wholesale/distribution networks in the business, in collaboration with trusted industry partners. And because of that, our clients find us to a one-window operation when it comes to dealing with the logistics of getting their products where they want them, when they want them – every time!


    Have any questions?

    You can email us at: mcfine@hotmail.com or call: +65 6844-0910.
    We are located at: 3 Kaki Bukit Road 2, #01-09.
    Eunos Warehouse Complex Singapore 417837

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